Bonus for a friend! Get 1,000 UAH for every player you bring to Pokerbet!

Bonus for a friend! Get 1,000 UAH for every player you bring to Pokerbet!

We'll give your friends a no-deposit bonus of 100 free spins. And you will get a cash prize without wager!

Cool promotion for all Pokerbet players! Become our partners, friends!

With our "Bonus for a friend" promotion, all you have to do is bring a friend to Pokerbet and we'll pay you 1,000 UAH ($25, €25) for each one you refer. How cool is that?

What you need to do

1. Go to "Bonus for a friend" section of your profile on the Pokerbet website.

2. Copy the link or promo code there.

3. Send the link or code to the person you want to invite to Pokerbet.

What your friend needs to do

Next, it's up to your friend. They need to:

1. Register at Pokerbet using your link or promo code.

2. Verify their account.

By meeting these simple conditions, your friend will immediately receive a no-deposit bonus — 100 free spins in the game Gaelic Gold.

Please note! The referred player must be registered on the website after the start of this promotion, starting March 1, 2024.

Then, in order for you to get the coveted 1,000 UAH, a friend needs to qualify:

1. Make a deposit of 400 UAH ($10, €10) or more.

2. Place bets in the casino for the amount of 25,000 UAH ($650, €650).

That's it! 1,000 UAH in your pocket. No wager! By the way, the number of players you can invite is unlimited!

Invite your friends to the world of games and gambling at Pokerbet Casino!

Additional terms and conditions

1. The promotion runs from March 1, 2024.
2. The promotion is open to all verified Pokerbet players.
3. If the referred player qualifies, their affiliate receives a prize of 1,000 UAH ($25, €25).
4. There is no limit to the number of players that can be invited to Pokerbet during the promotion.
5. The referred player must meet the qualification conditions within 30 days of their registration at Pokerbet. Otherwise, their affiliate will not be rewarded.
6. The 1,000 UAH prize does not require wagering. The player may dispose this amount at their discretion.
7. All rewards are pre-checked for fraud by our Security service and only then are credited to the game account. You can see the progress of crediting rewards in the table in the "Bonus for a friend" section of your profile. The prize is credited within 72 hours after the qualification is completed.
8. Pokerbet reserves the right to deny reward to a player if the participant of the promo or the invited player are found to be involved in fraudulent activities.
9. No- deposit free spins will be credited at a rate of 1.5 UAH ($0.05/€0.05) with a wager of x35.
10. We reserve the right to withhold the no-deposit bonus if there is reason to suspect that the account is fraudulent.
11. The no-deposit bonus is available for one gaming device only. If an account has already been registered from your device, you will not be able to receive the bonus.
12. The no-deposit bonus is only available to players who registered on the website after the launch of this promo, starting March 1, 2024.
13. In order to wager the free spins, the referred player has 24 hours after receiving them. Otherwise, they will be cancelled.
14. Only bets made with real money will be considered in the player's qualification in casino bets.
15. The terms and conditions of the promotion can be changed or updated at any time.