Bounty Jackpot in Pokerbet tournaments

Bounty Jackpot in Pokerbet tournaments

Knock your opponents out and get an extra prize for that

Catch a cool new feature in Pokerbet tournaments!

Now you can win a Bounty Jackpot for any knockout in MTT events with a buy-in of 50 UAH or more.

How it works

From each buy-in in MTT tournaments with knockouts, 2% will be contributed to the Bounty Jackpot.

The Jackpot can drop at any time after any of the knockouts during the tournament. The drop chance is 0.2%.

The amount of the jackpot drawn is determined randomly and can be up to 30% of the current accumulated jackpot amount.

Jackpot percentages and their drop chance:

Jackpot percentage Drop chance
30% 0.5%
10% 2%
3% 5%
1% 7.5%
0.5% 85%

The higher the buy-in to the tournament, the higher the coefficient by which the amount of the jackpot you win is multiplied:

Tournament buy-in Coefficient
50 - 99 UAH 0.1
100 - 199 UAH 0.15
200 - 399 UAH 0.25
400 - 799 UAH 0.5
800 UAH and higher 1

The procedure of Bounty Jackpot calculation is as follows: firstly, the share of the jackpot to be played is determined with a random probability (see table #1), and then the odds for the buy-in are applied to it (see table #2).

For example. When you knock out your opponent in a tournament with a buy-in of 600 UAH you get a Bounty Jackpot in the amount of 3% of the total jackpot prize pool. After applying the multiplier, the payout will be 1.5% of the total Bounty Jackpot prize pool.

You will always be able to see the actual amount of the Bounty Jackpot in the game client lobby.

Happy hunting, friends! Knock your opponents out and get additional prizes!

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. The Bounty Jackpot promotion runs from December 18, 2023.
2. Bounty Jackpot is valid for knockout tournaments with buy-in of 50 UAH or more.
3. The Bounty Jackpot prize pool is generated by tournament buy-ins. The amount of contributions to the Bounty Jackpot fund is 2% of the buy-in to the tournament.
4. The Bounty Jackpot drop chance is 0.2%.
5. The prize payout amount for each Bounty Jackpot is determined randomly according to the drop chances and odds listed on this page.
6. The terms and conditions of the Bounty Jackpot may be changed or amended at any time.