Rakeback up to 40%

Rakeback up to 40%

Pokerbet always returns rake. If you are an active player — this will store you a descent amount. The more your bet is, the more rakeback you get

Rakeback is the return of the rake, that is, the commission that the poker room withdraws from each player's bet during the game. Rakeback is an additional bonus for players. The size of the rake on Pokerbet is 5%. Our poker room uses the most fair type of rake counting: Contributed.

“Contributed” is the most advanced type of rake calculation, because each player is credited with the rake from the amount that they invested in the bank. The more bets the player makes during the hand, the greater the part of the deducted rake will be credited to them. The rake is not charged when folding cards at preflop. For the deducted commission (rake), the player receives points, which they can later exchange for real money (get a bonus — rakeback).

Rakeback on Pokerbet is calculated based on the player's level. There are 9 levels in our poker room:

If a player didn't accumulate the required number of points to maintain a level, at the end of the quarter, their level will be automatically changed to the one that corresponds to the number of their points. The calculation will be done according to the data in the "Points to reach" column.

The base currency for the calculation of points is hryvnia (UAH).

The exchange rate of points for hryvnia accounts will be constant (1 to 10), for accounts in other currencies it will vary depending on the exchange rate of UAH to these currencies. The minimum amount of exchange: 100 UAH, 5 USD/EUR. All players can transfer their earned points into real money.

UAH Points
100 1,000
200 2,000
500 5,000
1,000 10,000
2,000 20,000

Rakeback is awarded in the form of points, depending on the level you have achieved. The higher the level, the more points you get.

Level Points for
1 UAH in a rake
Level 9 4
Level 8 3.5
Level 7 3
Level 6 2.5
Level 5 2
Level 4 1.5
Level 3 1
Level 2 0.5
Level 1 0.25

Fortune Cards for player progress

Upon reaching each new level (Level 2 and higher), players will receive a Lucky Card with one of three cash prizes. The higher the level, the more Trump Card prizes players will be able to get:

Player's level 1st Fortune Card prize 2nd Fortune Card prize 3rd Fortune Card prize
9 4,000 UAH 2,000 UAH 1,000 UAH
8 3,000 UAH 1,500 UAH 750 UAH
7 2,000 UAH 1,000 UAH 500 UAH
6 1,200 UAH 800 UAH 400 UAH
5 1,000 UAH 600 UAH 300 UAH
4 800 UAH 400 UAH 200 UAH
3 400 UAH 200 UAH 100 UAH
2 60 UAH 40 UAH 20 UAH

The probability of prizes for the Trump Card:

1st prize 5%
2nd prize 10%
3rd prize 85%

Points can also be used as a contribution for participating in tournaments according to the following calculation:

1 UAH is 10 points.