Information Security

We publish these Information Security Regulations in order to show our firm position on the issue of business practices according to the world standards. We believe that sound business relationship is built only on honesty and trust, for this reason the confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. You can enjoy the game knowing that we take all measures to ensure the safety of your transactions.

1. Your name, postal address, e-mail, phone number, date of birth, gender, IP address and other information is private, confidential and is not subject to transfer, sale and distribution to third parties.

2. The company does not store the data of your bank cards, by means of which you make transactions within our project. The data of bank cards is stored solely on the side of the payment system provider. All payment systems used for transactions in the project have been certified by PCI DS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

3. We adhere to the anti-spam policies. All letters sent to our players refer to their game accounts and may also contain information about their new features and current promo materials. The frequency of mail advertising can vary and reach up to 3 letters per day.

4. Players reserve the right to unsubscribe. In this case it is necessary to contact the online support service or unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the letter.

5. Information about your winnings and payments is also strictly confidential and stored in a secure operating environment. We do not disclose the winnings information, except when such information is requested through official requests from regulatory authorities.

Privacy Policy

You hereby acknowledge and agree that Website is entitled to process your personal data in order to provide you with the access to the Website and the possibility to use it, as well as to provide you with the opportunity to participate in Games and to provide the related services.

Website uses your personal information to provide the access to the Games and perform its functions to ensure your participation in the Games.

Activities of Website are regulated by the Law on Personal Data Protection and such data must be processed in accordance with the law. In addition, Website is obliged to protect your personal information and respect your right to privacy in accordance with the best business practices and applicable laws.

Website also processes your personal data for the purpose of verification procedures to ensure your participation in the Games.

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you give us the right to carry out any verifications periodically (at our own discretion), or that will be required by third parties (including regulatory bodies) to confirm your identity and contact information ("Verification").

During the Verification, we may restrict your possibility to withdraw funds from your account.

If any information provided by you is false, inaccurate, misleading, and/or otherwise incomplete, you break the terms of the agreement, and we reserve the right to close your account immediately and/or to refuse to your use of Website services, in addition to any other actions at our sole discretion.

Your personal data is not disclosed to third parties, unless such a disclosure is not necessary to process your requests as, for example, to conduct transactions with your account or participate in Games, carry out verification procedures, or if required by law. As business partners, suppliers or service providers of Website may be responsible for certain elements in the overall functioning of the Website, your personal data may be transferred to them. You hereby agree to the disclosure of your data in such cases.

You have the right of access to your personal data stored at Website.

You are required to immediately notify Website of changes in the information specified by you upon the registration and account opening at Website by making appropriate changes to your profile or otherwise.

In order to provide you with efficient service, Website or the service providers of the Company may require transferring your personal data from one country to another, including any country in the world. You hereby give your consent to such transfers.

During the processing of your account and execution of related transactions Website can interact with the rating agencies, agencies detecting fraud and agencies combating money laundering. You hereby agree to the disclosure of your data in such cases.

You hereby grant Website the right to periodically inform you about changes on the Website, new services and offers

If you have any other questions regarding information security, please do not hesitate to contact our online support service or send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you!