Poker 3×4

Poker 3x4 is an interesting and exciting variety of classic Texas Hold'em. This game uses the same seniority of hands. The main difference is in the number of cards that are dealt to players and that are placed on the board.

There are few key differences between Poker 3x4 and Texas Hold'em:

1. Players are dealt three pocket cards.
2. Four common cards are put on the board: 2 flop cards, 1 turn card and 1 river card.
3. There is no small and big blind in this game. Only ante is a mandatory bet for all players at the table.
4. The game goes by the rules of No-Limit Hold'em. The minimum bid is an ante.

Three pocket cards give players more opportunities to enter the game and expand the range of starting hands. Thus, in Poker 3x4, bidding preflop is of great importance.