FiveCard Stud

Rules of the game

A small change in the rules of the Seven Card Stud turned the game into a new kind of poker - Five Card Stud (5-card poker with an exchange). Reducing the number of cards on hand instantly adds lots of gambling. Distribution in five-card poker begins with the issuance of only one card a picture down. In the Five Card Stud there are four common cards issued in the open. Otherwise, the rules are similar to the seven-card version.

Fundamental rules

The party in the Five Card Stud poker begins with the mandatory ante bet. Ante should be put by all participants of the table even before receiving the cards. The amount of the initial bet is within the limits of the table. The lower the limits of the party, the lower the ante. For tables with rates of $10/$20, the ante will be $1.


The party in the 5-Card Stud involves four rounds of betting. The first card the player receives closed, the second - in the open. The first round of betting is started by the player with the lowest card in suit. The most senior suits are considered peaks, the next place is occupied by worms, tambourines and the number of clubs finishes. The comparison is carried out on open maps. This poker player carries out a mandatory bet of half the lower limit. In poker rooms, the issue of the first move, depending on the open cards, is solved by software. After the first round of trading, three more cards are opened. And the issuance of each is accompanied by a new round of bidding. The next stage is the opening of the cards and the determination of the winner.

Sequence of the game in the FiveCard Stud

  • The game begins with the choice of each player's bet ante
  • The dealer gives each player one open and one private card
  • After evaluating possible combinations, poker players switch to trading
  • The dealer gives each player on another open card
  • The second round of bidding begins
  • The dealer gives everyone another open card
  • Passes the third round of trade
  • The dealer issues the fourth card
  • Closing round of trades
  • Opening cards and determining the winner
  • Bank takes the owner of the strongest hand

Betting structure

The term is used to determine the maximum or minimum bet for the move of any of the players. During the first two rounds of trading in the 5-Card Stud, the lower limit of the betting structure operates. However, if the player has a formed pair, you can immediately go to the rates in the amount of the upper limit.


The first card is opened by the player, the last who executed the bet or raise. All cards are revealed, and the winner of the strongest hand is announced. Provided that two or more players have equal combinations, the pot is divided in proportion.