Rules of Omaha

Features of the rules Omaha

The main feature of this version of poker is the increase in the number of cards the player has. Each participant in the game is given four cards. You can make a hand from two of your cards and three from the table. This feature also led to the emergence of another name for Omaha, as ”two hands and three from the table“. Basically, the game is based on the Texas Hold'em principle. The only fundamental difference between the Omaha and the Texas Hold'em is that each player receives not two, but four cards. Unlike Hold'em, where a player can either use his both pocket cards (or 1 card) in order to make the best combination, and do not use at all (if the best combination is on the table), the rules of the Omaha make the player compulsorily use 2 out of 4 pocket cards when composing your combination.

For example, if the board has a Royal Flauh, then it would be the highest combination in the Texas Hold'em, and the player would not use pocket cards. And when playing in Omaha, you have to use two pocket cards and three cards from the table to make a combination. Therefore, having, for example, AA JJ, you will get two combinations: a set of aces and a set of jacks. Since the set of aces on the strength of combinations above the set of jacks, this will be your strongest combination in this hand, despite the fact that the board itself is just great.

Therefore, be sure to remember this, as many of the newcomers forget about this feature of the Omaha poker game.

Pot-Limit and Fixed Limit Omaha

The game with a fixed limit focuses on the fact that for each round of trade can not be made more than 4 increases in rates. The magnitude of the increase depends on the type of game you play. If Omaha claims 2/4 hryvnia, this means that the first two rounds of the first increase are 2 hryvnias, in the third and fourth holes - 4. With this type of Omaha, the blinds will be 1/2. Such a specificity only in the limit game. In the limitless or pot-limit poker the size of the blind would be 2 and 4, respectively.

Pot Limit Omaha (Pot-limit Omaha) is characterized by the fact that the maximum increase in the rate is equal to the bank. The bank itself - it's not only the chips that lie in the center of the table. In order to calculate the size of the maximum rate in a bank, the following rule applies: the formed bank is added the size of the last increase, multiplied by 2 (that is, you align the rate, and then you can raise by adding the size of the bank that came out after equalization).

The rules of Omaha poker

When playing Omaha poker at the beginning of the bet, two players who sit at the dealer clockwise, make two mandatory bets, but their cards are still closed. These bets are called small and big blinds. After that, each player is given one card on hand until each one receives four cards. Now, each player in turn (starting with the next big blind) has the opportunity to equalize the call (call), raise (raise) or fold (fold).

The beginning of the game

The first round of trade in Omaha is called the Pre-Flop. After the bet is equated by all players, the dealer openly distributes three general cards on the table. This is called flop (flop).

The first application is made by the player who put the small blind. If he is no longer taking part in the hand, the right of the first move is passed to the player who sits next clockwise. All the same variations of applications are available here as in the previous circle, but a new one is added - Check (check). This application can be made if nobody has bet on you in this circle. She announces that you are ready to continue to participate in the game, but do not want to increase the size of the bank.

At this point, when all players match the bets, the third stage of the game begins in Omaha. Dealer opens fourth card - Turn (turn). In Omaha, the rules of trade at this level coincide with the rules of trade on the Flop.

The last round of trading starts after the opening of the fifth card on the board - river.

If at the end of the trade on the fifth level in the game there are more than one player, then the opening of the cards (showdown) by all the players who remained in the game. The card reveals the player who made the last one or, if nobody raised in the last round, the first player after the dealer.

The end of the game

The rules of Omaha-poker are forced to take part in the formation of a combination - two of the four pocket cards and three out of five total. The winner is the player who has the best combination. Combinations in poker Omaha - standard: the weakest - the senior card, the strongest - Royal Flush.