Game bonus

Terms of use in Pokerbet games

Game bonus (GB) is an in-game currency that is awarded to players as prizes in promotions and can be used at the cash tables at Pokerbet.

If there are other funds in the account, the game bonus is used first. At the end of the gaming session (leaving the table), the amount of game bonuses used to purchase chips at that table will be returned to the player. The sum exceeding the amount of game bonuses used at the table is credited to the account in the form of real money. If a player's stack at the end of the session is less than the amount of game bonuses used, the player is refunded the amount of game bonuses equal to their stack.

Game bonuses can be wagering and non-wagering. Non-wagering game bonuses cannot be converted into real money and are used only for playing at the cash tables. For wagering game bonuses, the amount of rake to be generated for wagering is specified, after which the game bonus is converted into real money.

The amount of game bonus and its wagering progress can be seen in the Bonuses section of the Pokerbet client. If you lose the entire amount, your game bonus will be cancelled. If you lose part of the game bonus, the wagering requirements for the remaining part do not change. Game bonus can be wagered only if there are no other locked poker bonuses.

The game bonus can be credited with certain restrictions: for certain games (Hold'em, Omaha, Chinese Poker) or tables (limit, table name or number of players).

Bonus usage examples:

Example #1

A player received a 100 UAH non-wagering game bonus, went to the cash table and played one hand in which they bet 80 UAH and won a 160 UAH pot. Their account will be credited with 80 UAH in real money and they will still have 100 UAH GB left.

Example #2

A player received a wagering game bonus of 200 UAH with a 10 UAH rake wagering requirement, bet it in a hand at the cash table and took a 380 UAH pot, generating 10 UAH rake. In this case, the game bonus is considered wagered and the 380 UAH winnings will already be available for withdrawal.