Tournament Deals

Once players reach the final table of a tournament, Pokerbet's Tournament Deals allow those players the option of making a deal. By choosing deal structures, players decide how the prize pool is awarded.

Types of Deals

Players choose from three formats for establishing final payouts when making a deal:

Equal - prize fund is equally distributed among all players, regardless of their stakes.

Independent Chip Modelling (ICM) - The Independent Chip Model (ICM) calculates the probability of each stack finishing in each prize position to determine the true equity for each player and compute the fair payouts.

By places - players receive prizes respectively to current stakes: the player with highest stake receives first prize, second by amount of chips receives the prize for second place and etc. It can happen that some players will not receive the prize because not all places at final table are paid. If several players took the same place, prizes for that place are summed and after equally divided.

Making a Deal

Players may choose to make a deal when they reach the final table, whether they've reached the money or not. Once all players select Make a Deal, the ”Make a Deal“ screen will appear and they'll be able to discuss terms in the dedicated Tournament Deal chat box.

Chipleader is responsible for selecting deal terms by choosing the favorite one in new window.

Any player may decline the deal at any point in the process by selecting ”Cancel Deal“.

Play will be paused for up to 30 minutes while a deal is being discussed. If a deal takes longer than 30 minutes to complete, the deal will be cancelled and normal play will resume.

Once a deal has been proposed, players can ”Accept“ or ”Reject“ the terms. All players involved must select ”Accept“ for the deal to be confirmed. Please note that once a deal has been accepted by all players, the conditions are final.

Take advantage of Pokerbet's Tournament Deals and strike a deal the next time you make a final table.