Cash game

Cash game is a game for money, with no time frame and with clearly fixed, non-progressive blinds. The player can take any free seat at the table and leave the game at any favourable time.

Types of tables

The start player's stack can range from 20 to 150 big blinds, depending on the particular table. The most popular stack size is 100 big blinds.

There are tables for 2 (Heads-up), 4-6 (Short) and 9 (Full Ring) players. The fewer participants sit at the table, the more dynamic and difficult is the game.

Varieties of cash games

On Pokerbet are presented next varieties of the cash-games:

1. No Limit Hold'em
2. Limited Hold'em
3. Pot Limit Hold'em
4. No Limit Omaha/Omaha Hi-Low
5. Limited Omaha/Omaha Hi-Low
6. Pot Limit Omaha/Omaha Hi-Low
7. Texas 6+
8. 7-card Stud
9. 32-card Draw
10. Americana
11. Boost poker

Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit poker

In a cash game with a fixed limit, the bet size is determined in advance. On the turn and river, the bet size is twice larger as on the flop and preflop.

In a pot-limit cash game, players can make any bets between the current limit of the table (the lower limit during preflop, and the upper limit during the turn and river) and the maximum amount of pot and table.

For example, we join the game with blinds 30/60 uah during the flop. In the bank 300 UAH and the player from the position of the small blind made a bet of 30 UAH. The next player will also have to bet 30 UAH to support the bet. The total amount of pot becomes 360 UAH (300 (pot) + 30 (the rate of the 1st player) + 30 (your call)). In this case, you can raise to 360 UAH.

The pot size in the pot-limit game increases in geometric progression and, thanks to this, this kind of poker is more like an unlimited game than a game with a fixed limit.

In a no-limit cash game there is only one restriction - this is the total amount of your money at the table. The minimum bet on each betting round is 1 big blind, the maximum is your stack.

Cash game with a jackpot

On Pokerbet there are special tables for the UAH, where, with a little higher commission, the players form themselves the prize pool of the jackpot. In some cases, it can reach several million UAH. And if at such Holdem table the player with the quads of Jacks or at such Omaha table with quads of Aces of loses an even stronger combination, a Bad-Beat jackpot will be played, and the loser will receive the main prize.

Bad beat jackpot rules in Hold'em and Omaha tables.