Basic strategy in MTT

Basic strategy in MTT

Competitions of the best players are reduced to card tables of poker players from different corners of the planet. Customers of the poker-room are convinced in the ability to play poker, standing against the most experienced opponents. Most often multi-table tournaments are played in Texas Hold'em. As a rule, such tournaments are paid. However, every major match has a lot of satellite-freerolls. In such tournaments, prize places mean getting a ticket to a multi-table tournament with a large prize pool. It's time to learn win strategies and how to achieve success.

Multi-table tournaments - basic rules

The basic strategy assumes full concentration on bankroll management. Professional players choose the most usable rates, determining comfortable limits. Excessive nervousness during the game does not promise anything good. Experienced players recommend immediately moved to lower limits, as soon as you begin to feel nervous.

Another rule of the basic MTT strategy is a gradual increase of the bankroll.

The player must be morally prepared for failure. Any losses too repress the poker players. Therefore, understanding of this possibility is one of the steps on the road to success. It is equally important to maintain a positive attitude throughout the game. It is important to watch out.

The hit in prizes in multi-table tournaments according statistics does not exceed 1 out of 7. This is not so rare, because one good performance immediately covers the loss of several numbers of tournaments.

The most useful option for multi-table tournaments is the rebuys and add-ons. The possibility of increasing the stack from add-on chips will improve the situation.

Professionals note that the correct strategy for playing in the MTT tournament is a successful management of their own bankroll. This allows you to minimize the factor of luck. For the same reason, you can not play tournaments, when the bankrolls are enough only for buy-in.

Early stage of MTT

At the start of the tournament it is important to wait out weak players. Usually these poker players are rushing at each other and one of them can soon get a big bankroll. Hunt for this lucky person is not worth it. Too high probability of loss the fortune. The optimal strategy at the early stage of MTT is to use strong combinations and avoid controversial drawings.

At the beginning of the tournament, it's easy to roll out and watch the flop at low blinds. The cool assessment of the situation allows you to analyze which of your opponents bankroll is growing faster. In the beginning, professionals are very tight.

The middle stage of MTT

The game is noticeably more complicated. By this point, the blinds have grown, and you need to choose the right tactical steps, starting from the size of your own bankroll. Players with good stacks can safely steal the blinds with strong cards, intimidate in such way the detached opponents.

The presence of an average stack immediately require the need for a tight game. It is important to assess the risks wisely. At this stage, the blinds are actively growing and the probability of being outsiders is too high.

If you joined to the ranks of the catch-up, it is important to play aggressively. Time passes rapidly, and the stack requires an active increase. In such situation, risk is the only possible tactic. You can go all-in even with the weakest pairs.

The late stage of MTT

Approaching of the finale means strengthening of the tightness of strong players. Earlier aggressive poker players with a large stack now play more carefully. We are talking about representatives of the top ten and even twenty.

At this stage, outsiders win back the latest opportunities and must actively attack. The game should be even more aggressive than in the middle of the tournament. Attacks are also preferable for poker players from the middle part of the standings. Fear of opponents to lose earned in most cases helps steal the blinds.

The final table of the MTT tournament

The last competition table is one of the most difficult. It's not so easy to get through and it's just as difficult to finish first. There is no ”Fishes“ at this stage. To the final, the stack of all players is approximately equal. So it's best to adjust to a protracted game. Each hand becomes longer, as players think about combinations and the probability of winning in each of the cases. Take first place will help not only professionalism, but also a high proportion of luck.

These reasons explain why the correct choice of tactics for the finale is tightness, multiplied by excellent intuition and memory. The main thing is not to miss the moment when you can rob a neighbor on the table.