Comes a time when the gained winnings are not enough for an experienced poker player. Then the player starts looking for a way how to increase it. This can be done by raising the limits or the number of tables during the game. Multi-tabling is a method of playing at multiple tables simultaneously.

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-tabling

Multi-tabling is aimed primarily at the revenue increase. It makes sense to talk about the $/hour indicator of poker player's profitability. There is a chance to raise it with the help of multi-tabling. At the same time it is absurd to believe that if at one table this index is $5 per hour, then at four other tables it will be $20/hour. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when the number of tables increases, the effectiveness of the game decreases. When a new table is added, the player has less time to make a right decision, as a result of which the number of errors significantly increases.

An important role for an experienced player is own experience in the past, when he/she starts to act ”automatically“. It is often observed when a professional player makes good decisions without much thought, but at the same time there is no time for self-training. It just seems that the player is starting over, using the already accumulated knowledge. Due to the fact that there is a catastrophic lack of time, the number of mechanical errors significantly increases, and this can play a bad joke with a player.

Together with this, multi-tabling can be beneficial for those who like ”maximizing their profit“ through rake. For example, if the game takes place at ten tables, then as a result, ten hands are played, which allows you to get a bigger rake. Due to such game density, there is a chance to achieve VIP status in poker room during the shortest possible time and get certain advantages in the form of profitable monetary bonuses.

It should also be noted that multi-tabling is aimed at testing own professionalism. With its help you will experience the dynamic process. There are occasions, when experienced poker players with more than one thousand played hands, miss the tables and are engaged in loose play, which allows adding a little ”sharpness“ to the process. That is why multi-table is one of the best options for them. In this situation, they simply will not have time for relaxation and boredom.

What tips do you need to follow during multi-tabling

Deciding to play multi-table, the player must take into count several important facts. To begin with, you should determine whether you are ready to play at multiple tables at the same time. It's not so difficult to do it, just start the game at two tables. It is allowed to increase the number of tables when there is a sense of comfort and the winrate fall is not significant. It is allowed to do it until the size of player's profit is large enough and with its help the decreased winrate can be compensated. At such times, you need to be honest with yourself. There are cases, when due to the pride, professional players can not admit that they ”scored“ too many tables. That's why they should stop in time and reduce the number of tables.

During a session of multi-tabling the player should be ready to sit in front of the monitor 100% of the time. There can be no talk about lunch breaks and natural human needs. During the game at ten tables even a small break can lead to a pitiable outcome. That's why it is so important to tune in to a long-lasting game without any breaks. In addition, a high-quality image of tables it is necessary to possess one or several sufficient monitors with high resolution.

As for the game itself, it is necessary to think about special software, by means of it which will be possible to track other players' actions. Secondly, you should disable the game chat. It often distracts the player and increases the number of errors. Follow these simple tips, and it will be much easier to learn how to play at multiple tables and win more money.