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How start playing in poker application

Fill out the registration form and confirm your email
Install the app
Download and install the app
Start to play
Launch the application, enter login and password. Good luck!


In mobile version of Pokerbet are available all features of Desktop Software.

Yes, the cashier is available directly via any version of the app.

We do not charge you for playing poker on your mobile. Your network operator may charge you for using data. The cost of data can vary - contact your wireless operator for details.

Please check if you have enough disk space on your computer to save the set-up file, and make sure you are connected to the internet. Also, make sure you have the necessary privileges to download files from the internet onto your computer. Log in to the administrator profile and then attempt to download the set-up file. Also make sure your internet connection is stable throughout the download process If the download process is interrupted for any reason, please delete the set-up file you have partially downloaded and then begin the download process again.

Make sure you have enough disk space on your computer to install the application. Ensure you have the necessary privileges to install applications on your computer. You need administrative privileges to install our software on your computer (log in as admin rather than as a guest user). Note that you can create a new profile with installation rights if you are logged in to the administrative profile on your computer.

Firewalls will sometimes fail to recognize upgraded products, and block them. Open your firewall and ensure that software is allowed access.

In mobile version of are available all features of Desktop Software.

Yes, the app checks for updates at every startup and will notify you when one is available. Non-market downloads must be enabled for the update to download.

When possible, play through Wi-Fi for a faster connection.